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Wildland Firefighting Contractor

In a time when wildfires are becoming increasingly more prolific, wildland firefighters have never been more important. GCT Land Management has held an annual Government contract with the USDA Forest Service for over 25 years, performing wildfire services. GCT uses multiple crews and equipment, contributing to substantial wildland urban interfacing.

Why Become A Wildland Firefighter

Wildland firefighting is an exciting and rewarding industry that provides a person with self-fulfillment, team-building experiences, and financial security.


Firefighting can be a challenging job, both mentally and physically. Becoming a wildland firefighter will improve you by giving you leadership skills and building your fitness and mental strength. It's an active job that is especially rewarding.

Team-Building Experiences

You'll experience many team-building and bonding moments when you start fighting fires. Every fire makes you work with your crew as a team. The comradery you'll experience is second-to-none.


  • Career Advancement Opportunities

  • Competitive Wage

  • Travel Pay

  • Full-Time Work Available

  • Paid Holidays

  • Wellness Program

  • Retirement Plan

  • Paid Training 

  • Educational Opportunities

  • Flexible, Seasonal, or Year-Round Schedule Opportunities

Make A Real Impact

Challenge yourself to new limits by saving our local forests from the increasing threat of wildfires. By protecting tens of thousands of acres, natural resources, animals, and people, you'll be keeping Eastern Oregon how it should be - beautiful.

Viewpoint Panorama

Interested in Starting a Career in Wildland Firefighting?

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