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Construction of a Cottage

What We Do

GCT Land Management works to better communities. Consulting, construction and development are the backbone of the company design. Through a branch of the company division, implementation of wildfire reduction strategies, and contract wildland firefighting contribute to urban interface health and forest preservation.

Our Story

GCT Land Management Inc. was formed by Gust C. Tsiatsos in 1994, developing residential and commercial sites in Union County. By 1999, GCT expanded and began larger scoped building projects. In 2005, GCT focused on commercial work and landed contracts with Eastern Oregon University and Walmart Inc. Stores, doing all structural and site concrete for these new structures.


Over the next 20 years, GCT broadened further into residential development, creating several subdivisions and building homes, zoning and planning approvals, as well as subdivision and lot designations. Currently, veteran-specific cottage home developments are being replicated in rural Oregon communities under GCT’s supervision with Gust Tsiatsos being the managing Member/President of the Corporation.


In addition to the ongoing residential design and development, Gust has also held an annual Government contract with the USDA Forest Service for over 25 years, working wildfire prevention with multiple crews and equipment. This has created substantial knowledge of wildfire interfacing in an era where it has exponentially increased.


GCT Land Management’s goals in 2023 are aimed at capacity building in the “affordable housing” environment and wildfire reduction strategies in some of those same communities.

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Viewpoint Panorama

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