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Veteran Villages

Veteran Villages provide a community for American heroes that might otherwise be homeless. These villages maximize the acreage while providing comfortable and affordable living spaces. Also, they create a gathering space for fellow Veterans to interact. Contact us if you are interested in a Veteran Village in your community.


Gust at the Worksite

It Takes a Village

At GCT Land Management, we care about providing safe, comfortable, and affordable housing for our veterans.

Veteran Villages will provide access to safe, affordable housing for Veterans, including homeless and low-income individuals.


Individual cottage-style tiny homes are set within a supportive neighborhood atmosphere encouraging community, resident engagement, and featuring amenities such as a dog park, gazebo, a community building and outdoor spaces. 

The heart of this initiative is to help connect veterans to supportive services in a safe, interactive community. This features comfortable, affordable homes with a wealth of thoughtful amenities for veteran residents.

Why Veteran Villages Are Vital To The Community

Fights Veteran Homelessness

Many veterans face homelessness as well as everyday life challenges. This opportunity provides veterans with a consistent environment and a specific place they can call home. Our projects will supply substantial wrap-around services and veteran support when needed.

Veteran Home Ownership Programs

Our projects offer home ownership consulting services and the potential for each veteran to own their own cottage home.

Fills Needs in Employment

Our program has employment opportunities in creating Veteran Village developments. Some of our residents have been able to be apart of their own cottage home construction.

Creates a Community for Veterans

Create a unique “neighborhood” community for veterans and ensures veterans' overall well-being by providing a variety of on-site services. Our projects have proven that offering a community environment is desirable and welcomed by the tenants living in Veteran Villages.

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Want to Become a Resident?

Multiple Villages

We have multiple Veteran Villages across Eastern Oregon. Find the one closest to you by clicking the "See More" button.

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Veteran Villages At A Glance

It Takes A Village

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